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 In 1982, When Arbor Computer Systems was started it was our goal to create a simple database file that would schedule, route and invoice customers. The product had been in development for the previous season to make sure it worked, was easy to use and understandable to both field and administrative personnel. Today, over thirty years later our goal is the same.  The product has grown in features and functionality thanks to the input of  hundreds of companies. Each time a request was made for a new feature that was not proprietary to a company, we incorporated that feature as part of the standard template. The current product represents this collaboration of thirty years, while still maintaining its intuitive look and ease of use. 

This is a sample of our opening screen

Each of these buttons takes you to the area of the program where you have stored your clients information. Below is Page 1 of a Customer Record.














             This is our Call Center which is on page 2 of a customer record.


             The Work History Page shows you all customer, job, proposal, contract infomation and the status of all customer activity



"Arbor Office" has always had the ability to do sales analysis and job costing after the job was completed. The new Estimator allows
 sales people to choose all the different labor, material and equipment required to perform a job and to choose a percentage of profit.
This allows estimates to be based on known costs and determines the estimated price. After seeing the price line, the estimate prices
can be changed until it reflects the percent of profit that meets your company's goals. The company can change targets and costs so
sales people are kept up to date on the actual costs of doing business and their overhead.



Arbor Computer Systems has owned and developed software for laptop computers since the first week they appeared on the market.
Our first portable computer was called a lunch box computer, no batteries but small enough to lug around. Over the years these laptop
computers have become smaller and smaller. "Arbor Office" has always allowed for synchronization from a laptop computer to an office
computer, yet only 3% of our users have ever taken advantage of this feature. When asked why? Most agree laptops are still too
cumbersome for field use. Arbor's latest program can now be on a pocket PC and even cell phones that support Windows mobile solutions.



Our original goal was to have several work orders and some customer info available on these units. The end result "Arbor Pocket Office"
is a robust database with the capability of managing hundreds of thousands of records with minimal memory requirements. The product
has full synchronization with your office computer and best of all it can fit in your shirt pocket. More info



This is a look at our work schedule displayed in a calendar format. It can provide info on names, addresses, time and costs.
The Data can be customized to show any info you choose. The calendar shown represents 20 days but again can be adjusted
to your preference. The product has full synchronization with the job schedule dates and estimated time fields.



Or if you prefer you can also have your schedule in a list format. This will allow for unlimited amounts of data to
be provided about each job. Companies have used lists to include equipment necessary to perform the work.
Special instruction and detailed plans for the job can also be included.



This is a report of the last six years sales year to date or day. This report show trends by each customer for the last six years
At the conclusion of the itemized report this bar chart is displayed for a better total visual presentation.

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