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Arbor computer systems was started in 1982 to provide a business solution for tree service companies.  The program was developed by Peter J. Hannan, an arborist.  Mr. Hannan started a tree company in 1963 that had the good fortune to increase volume every year at a very rapid pace.  In 1978 to continue this growth and to control it, it was necessary to automate the company.  After much research and tens of thousands of dollars worth of software it became apparent that the tree industry was too small a niche to attract software companies to write effective software applications.  It took several years to learn how to program with lots of trial and error.  After using the software to run his own company and in an effort to regain some of the time and money spent, the product was offered for sale.  The program was instantly well received as it met the needs of a specific industry.  Arbor computer systems is now the largest provider of this software for tree care companies. We have installations in twenty five states and Canada.

We believe a good deal of this success is because we listen to our customer.

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